About the hair

Single Weft

VS Systema Rapid Lengths Hair

Double Weft

VS Systema Rapid Lengths Hair

Triple Weft

VS Systema Rapid Lengths Hair

Every weft is 100% human remy hair which has all gone through a special cleaning process and a three day colouring process to prevent colour fade, and to keep the condition to it's best.

There is endless colour blending available with the Rapid Lengths System. With a variety of block colours and a variety of mixed highlights. Any block colours can be mixed using different layers of colour to create a great colour blend.

All hair is 20" in length and 12" wide, this will fit the average head shape. The 12" can be cut to any width for smaller heads and can be used in any specific areas of the head. Our hair comes in 3 different thicknesses, single 20G, double 35G and triple 50G. This enables you to achieve a natural blend on any thickness of hair.

All wefts can be customised to suit a particular client by using the different thicknesses of wefts and different layers of colour blending.