The Rapid Lengths System

Welcome to VS Systema

At VS Systema we are masters in hair extensions.

We have demonstrated new systems all round the world and provided training to salons all across the U.K. VS Systema has invented a new system to achieve the most natural looks with amazing comfort called Rapid Lengths.

With our new Rapid Lengths System using new weft technology clients can have long luxurious locks in no more than 1 hour with no clips, no braiding, no damage and no glue. Removal is just as quick and easy just taking 10 minutes of the stylist time. All Rapid Lengths hair is reusable once removed depending on the condition of the hair.

With Rapid Lengths you can achieve a fantastic natural blend so easily, with such amazing comfort for the client.

With endless colour blending you can now blend as many or as little colours together with no difficulty.

There are three different thicknesses of weft available with Rapid Lengths single, double and triple the thickness, this enables you to achieve a natural blend on any thickness of hair.

Here at VS Systema we teach you all there is to know about the system Rapid lengths and how you too can become qualified in this fantastic system.